December 20, 2005

Step into Christmas... by Celeste

I can't quite believe that it's Christmas this weekend. It seems to have pounced upon me. I simply have not had anytime to even think about Christmas. I havenít even sent my Christmas cards out yet which is dreadful because everyone will have late cards from me (sorry Silk and Josie!!!!).

But apart from being totally disorganised I'm actually looking forward to the Christmas break. For the past few years Christmas has been rather a big let down.

So to get into the Christmas mood here goes my post.

Christmas past

Christmas two years ago was a fairly sad affair. My relationship of 3 years, engagement of 9 months, had just fallen apart and I wasnít feeling great about myself at all. Break ups tend to rip you of your self esteem and self worth and I was really quite low. Not the best way to end a year.

Christmas present (well sort of. Work with me people.)

Christmas last year. I was in the early stages of a romance with the most gorgeous guy who made me laugh, thought I was the best thing since sliced bread and made it his goal to renew my self confidence and belief. Surely this Christmas was going to be great. It nearly was. I spent Christmas Eve with Tilesey and then Christmas Day with Jameseyboy's family which is always good because they cook up a storm and are generally lovely people. Boxing Day is when it all fell apart and I felt the loneliest I ever have in my life.

I wanted to spend Boxing Day with my family but my mum was still living with her boyfriend and there was always an awful atmosphere. My hope about having a lovely meal with my family was spat on from a great height when all of my family decided they wanted to go shopping. My sister Faye did not get on with trollman so shopping was the best way of avoiding him. I had no desire to go so I spent Boxing Day alone.

Christmas future (well as far ahead as 5 days)

Christmas this year will be a little less luxurious as I've just come back from a pretty plush holiday and the bank balance is looking a bit sad BUT this Christmas is going to be superb. Not only will I be spending all of it with the most important person in my life but I'll also be spending Christmas Eve with my mum and sisters playing games, eating and generally being happy because now they live in a lovely flat and everyone is just so much happier. Christmas Day will be spent with Tilesey's family who I really like and get on with well and then back to Reading on Boxing Day to spend it with the rest of my family.

I live in a new town. I'm embarking on my dream career. I am so in love and fancy the arse off of a great guy. I can't think of a better way of ending 2005.

2006 is going to be an interesting year.

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You deserve it love, you deseerve next year to be even more super duper completely fantastic and don't worry about christmas cards, I havent sent a single one apart from garry's yet. I'm evil!

But I still love you! xxxx

Posted by: silk at December 20, 2005 09:56 PM

I even bought snowflake sequins to put in the cards this year!!!

Oh well.

I can always put sprinkley bits in your birthday card!

Posted by: Celeste at December 21, 2005 08:48 AM

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