December 29, 2005

End of the year... by Celeste

Nearly the end of another year and boy has this one been a corker.

This year has been really big for me from turning 21 to moving my whole life to a new city.

Turning 21 really scared me this year, which always makes everyone scoff but I thought I would've done so much more in my life than I had done by the time I hit 21 and I felt like a failure. I set ridiculously high standards for myself.

The next massive change I faced this year was moving from a town I have lived in for 10 years and know everything about and changing jobs. For the last two years I was in a pretty comfortable job. My work colleagues were top people, my boss was just fantastic but the career prospectus were chall we say...lacking...majorly! Trying to get motivation for changing a job were you are fairly comfy in is like finally throwing away those really comfy jeans that you've worn everyday and don't make you feel like Jabba the hut but they have faded dramatically and have a hole forming on the inside leg. Difficult.

Long story short, I landed a job on the first rung of my ideal career and although I'm going to have to put up with a lot of rubbish and work really hard without grumbling, I'll get to where I want to be and I intend to do it fast. I'm not the most patient of people. I know that I'm talented and I know I could be great and I refuse to be so self critical anymore. Living down here is new and a little scary as I still don't know my way around but being able to see Tilesey whenever is just fabulous and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

I've also discovered that I have a few great people who I can really rely on and who support me always. First up is my dear Geyvy Weyvy. Throughout the year he has been a true star and my advice guru. My second mention is my darling Silk who I've neglected terribley these past couple of months but who knows that I love her like crazy.

Highlights of this year include:-

Going to Chessington (theme park) for my 21st with Tilesey, Silk and Colz. Absolutely hilarious.

My weekend away in York with Tilesey. It was the most romantic, brilliant break I've ever had. York is a beautiful city.

Going to London with Geyv, Jon and Ali and hearing an American dad telling his son that the statue of Richard the lionheart on his horse in medievil armour was in fact Sea Captain Nelson. Fucking hilarious. Nearly as funny as Geyv's attitude toward street performers....

More recently, going to Kenya and having Tilesey puke up through the roof of our safari bus, getting 'married' on a dhow and bombing into the 8ft deep pool.

There have been so many awesome things this year. Far too many to blog about.

All I know is that for the first time in years I am excited about New Years Eve. Tilesey and I are going to a sea side town in Devon with my housemates and it's going to be superb. I can't wait to wake up on New Years day and walk on the beach with my gorgeous boyfriend.

So for now blog people enjoy the surroundings of Something for the Weekend and have a fantastic New Year.


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Sounds like a great year!
I hope you both have an even better 2006.

I will be raising a glass to you a little later on, that's if I can actually see the glass.

Posted by: bedshaped at December 31, 2005 03:28 PM

ok so the past few days have passed in a flu induced haze so apologies for not checking in on you guys and txting...or if I did txt then i should apologise for that as it would have made no sense....did I txt????

Wait, anyways...I love ya chicka and I just hope this new year sees even more of your dreams come true. You are the best! x

Hey Tilesey show us your war face dude!

Posted by: silk at January 1, 2006 10:16 AM

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