November 02, 2005

Packing... by Tris

Packing has now commenced for the, "Great African Adventure". Well ok, that isn't entirely true in all cases.

Celeste has written out her 2-Pac list (she is, "down" with the kids) and has already chosen what needs to be taken, packed her suitcase, crossed off items on the list, taken the old labels off, put the new labels on etc.

I, well, I, well I know where my suitcase is, but have yet to open it. It's not that I'm a last minute type person at all, but I believe that suitcases should only be packed the night before, or preferably the morning before you set off.

The, "last minute" approach to packing does ensure that once packed, you are not constantly unpacking and repacking the suitcase to check that you've packed something. You see, you know what you've packed as you only packed it 5 minutes ago and the chances of leaving something out are reduced.

This is because there are a lot of items that you won't pack until you have to - a toothbrush is a good example. By packing in advance, you are assuming that you will remember to pack the toothbrush on the day of travel. The assumption that you will remember is a big one, and due to the common symptoms of over-excitement and/or hangover - you'll probably forget. By packing on the day, you know the toothbrush has to go in and it has to go in now.

Don't let my cavalier attitude to packing fool you, I am most certainly prepared for this trip. I have two photocopies of my passport (one to carry as ID, one to store in suitcase as a back up, passport to go in the hotel safe), photocopies of my Yellow fever vaccination, blah, blah, and of course, I have read the Foreign Office's bit on Kenya.

One piece of advice for travellers - the Foreign Office's advice on other countries is very good and very accurate, but it really does put you off leaving the house.

2 days to go.

Carry on.

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