February 05, 2006

Everything smells like smoky bacon crisps... by Celeste

Ok so I said goodbye yadda yadda yadda but I just had to post.

There I was dreaming that I was back in Kenya in my bikini with the glorious sunshine (stupid England and its stupid miserable, dark coldness.) when I hear an alarm going off. Luckily I'm an extremely light sleeper so I'm instantly awake.

"Tris, there's an alarm going off. Is it anything we should be worried about?"
*mumble* "No. It's just for fun." *hits his alarm clock repeatedly*
"I don't think s..."
*Enter someone falling down the corridor stairs*

Up jumps a stark naked Tilesey and jogging bottomed, clingy top Celeste.
We both instantly know something is wrong because we can smell smoke, so while Tilesey hunts around for clothes, I slip on my baby pink dressing gown, slippers, grab a blanket incase it's colder than cold outside and we have to wait for a long time and my bag with essentials like my no baby pill, mobile, passport and nivea pearl and shine lip balm. We open the front door and the smoke takes your breath away. Hooray for such wonderful English shows as London's Burning and Casulty - I know to stay low to the ground (not exactly hard when you're 5.3") and cover my mouth and nose.

We both walk fast yet calmly - don't want to fall down the stairs and endanger our lives even more. There are a few other residents gathered outside all looking rather panicked.

I let out a deep breath because I know we're safe and I start to advise people that we should move slightly further away from the building and ask if anyone has called the emergency services. Then Tilesey the hero dashes back into the building to check that one of the neighbours we haven't seen is out. My heart stops but not for very long as he is out in seconds.

I'm lucky enough to never have been involved in a real life fire before. Sure I've been through millions of fire drills from school and work but this one was for real and it was quite exciting when the fire engines turned up.

All there was to do now was wait. The firemen were efficient, calm and organised. That is their job after all but you can't help admiring them.

After about two hours we were all given the all clear to go back inside except of course for the guy whose flat was on fire. It's completely trashed. Mr Flat 7 turns out to be a complete weirdo as not only did he neglect to put any footwear on and stood on a freezing cold pavement for two hours but he also didn't even realise it was his flat that was on fire!

The Guv'nah (that's governer to you non-cockneys) then mentioned to Tilesey and I that the 'lads' had a tough old time to get into his flat as there were bottles of booze everywhere. The guy was so sozzled he didn't even realise his lounge was on fire.

Tonight was certainly one for the books and I have also now been fully initiated into being a British national. I did my patriotic duty of making all the firemen a cup of tea. Tea is the answer to all. Plus the theory I have been putting into practice since I was ten finally paid off. I always sleep in a top and bottoms just incase I need to be out of bed and alert if anything happens. I was ready to get out of the flat in two seconds whereas Tilesey was running around trying to shove on clothes and just before you think I'm totally unsexy with sleeping in joggers and a top, I believe I can redeem myself by mentioning I don't sleep in underwear.


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see..can't stop!! :)

Posted by: ocB at February 5, 2006 08:45 AM

That's pretty exciting!! Glad you're both ok....

Posted by: Jamesyboy at February 6, 2006 02:09 AM

Woah. Sounds manic. Glad you guys are ok.

Posted by: at February 6, 2006 09:44 AM

Oh yeah, Tilesey and I are both completely fine. Luckily the fire was contained in Flat 8 and the only thing that affected us is the smell of smoke everywhere.

All very exciting.

Posted by: Celeste at February 6, 2006 12:57 PM

Jeepers christ! Glad you're both ok!

Posted by: Bonobo Love at February 6, 2006 08:38 PM

thank goodness you've both alright -- what an adventure!

Posted by: amelie at February 15, 2006 01:38 PM

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