January 03, 2006

When everything is just wonderful... by Celeste

Every year since I was 16 I have pinned great expectations on New Years Eve. Every year I'd think of how great this NYE will be compared with the last one. How my life is going to suddenly become wonderful and I'll be happy and successful etc etc.

Every year since I was 16 NYE has been, well, a bit crappy really. I either ended up being pushed aside and made to feel unimportant when I'd gone to so much effort to be with someone that evening or staying in and letting the evening pass as if it was just another day the list goes on.

So this year when December suddenly jumped on me reminding me that this year was nearly over, I started feeling a bit 'bleurgh' about NYE. Giles was going to spend it in a log cabin somewhere in the US of A. Geyv was in Brussells which I didn't really envy as I'm not the biggest fan of that city but he still had plans darn it and I had nothing. Zilch. Zip.

I resigned myself to having yet another wanky NYE until two of my housemates suggested that Tilesey and I come down to Woolacombe, Devon, to celebrate it with them. Tilesey and I thought it was a brilliant idea and a room was booked.

I had the most wonderful NYE. Not only was our guesthouse lovely with the most comfy bed in the world but I had such a relaxing time. There were no chavs stupidly drunk bashing into me drenching me with beer, no bouncers, no fights, no entry fee and we were in great company.

New Years day was spent walking on sand dunes and the beach and me loving my guy because if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have had the NYE I've always wanted.

Happy New Year everyone.

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Happy new year peeps! :D

Posted by: Rad at January 5, 2006 05:00 PM

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